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3 Surprises of the CP150 visit to Ottawa

30th August 2017

These are the three things which I found surprising during the visit of the CP150 train to Ottawa.

The first was the high level of interest in seeing this train.  This train attracted railfans from outside of the Ottawa area to the city to see it.  On the day of the performance, the station event area was full and the Belfast overpass east of the station probably peaked with around 25 or so people viewing the train.  The interest also extended to the general public, with many of them taking time out of their day to view the train.

The second surprise was that rail employees were excited to see it as well.  This was the first time that I’ve ever seen CP staff talking selfies with a train.  It was nice to see that even those who spend their entire days working around trains can still get excited by trains.

The last surprise was that I was able to photograph it in 9 different locations during its visit out east as shown below.

CP150 approaching Crow Lake

Crow Lake

CP 150 Train just past Port Elmsley

Port Elmsley

CP 150 vs. VIA Silver Banana

Smiths Falls

CP passing by quickly south west of Dwyer Hill

Montague Township

CP Approaching Ottawa Station

Hurdman Curve

CP Parked at Ottawa Station

Ottawa Station

CP150 Shunting

Walkley Yard

CP150 leaving Walkey with OTrain in background

CN Walkley Spur

CP150 at Merivale Road


…Running Extra…

The main reason that I chose the location of CNs Walkley Spur for the photograph was because it is not often I get to see CP operating on CN track.  The location for the shot in Nepean was purely because it was the only location I could get to from my previous location with enough time to catch the train.


  • Steve Boyko
    Posted at 8:09 am 2017-08-31
    Steve Boyko
    Reply Author

    You worked hard to get so many different locations!

    • DaveM
      Posted at 8:37 pm 2017-08-31
      Reply Author

      I did have to work for a couple of the locations, but I did get lucky quite often and was able to chase it. 🙂