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ACR Passenger Service from the Soo to Hearst gone (again)

18th July 2015

I was hoping to limit the posts to about one a week, but with the shutdown of the ACR passenger service, I’ll make an exception.

From the latest on the ACR, passenger service has stopped again between the Soo and Hearst. I previously posted about riding it last year (while operated by CN) in these posts (ACR Part 1ACR Part 2) over at the Beachburg Sub.

I’ve wondered why CN was in charge of making the selection for the replacement to the service. If the government is chipping in the money for the funding, then why is CN selecting the vendor? After racking the brain for a while, the only thing I can think is that since they own the tracks, they can choose who uses the tracks.

VIA Rail Budd in Sudbury.

It is unfortunate that VIA wasn’t selected to run this route. I think that they could have done a reasonable job of it with a couple of Budds (There should be at least two free Budds because the Victoria to Courtenay isn’t active).


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