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L’Absent at L’Orignal

5th March 2017

Last Saturday I decided to see if I could get some pictures of the local service CNs Vankleek subdivision.  Unfortunately, I think that I may have missed it by a bit (I heard 589 on the scanner, but never saw it).

This Saturday, I decided to head out earlier in hopes of catching it.  Yet again, I was skunked.

I started out at the Ivaco Rolling Mills, which manufactures steel billets and hot rolled wire rod.  They were working on a Saturday, loading up a rail car with what looked like scrap metal.  It looks like quite the active manufacturing location.  The track had the gate locked and the scanner was quiet, so it was doubtful it was in there.

From there, I continue to Hawkesbury then Vankleek Hill.  In Vankleek Hill, I did find the closest evidence of 589, which was a caboose on a siding which is used for the backup move on L’Orignal Spur.

I continue all the way to the beginning of the Vankleek sub at Glen Robertson in hopes of seeing it, but that was not in the cards.  If anyone knows the days / approximate times of service down this spur, please post a comment so that my future hunting may be more successful.

…Running Extra…

While at Glen Robertson, I noticed a clear signal.  I jumped out and managed to snag a picture of VIA 632 heading to Montreal.


  • Steve Boyko
    Posted at 2:49 pm 2017-03-05
    Steve Boyko
    Reply Author

    Frustrating to not see 589, I’m sure… at least you took a nice VIA photo!

    • DaveM
      Posted at 2:56 pm 2017-03-05
      Reply Author

      Hi Steve,

      It was good to catch the VIA. I had to set the shutter speed to 1/5000 since it was travelling over 100km/h. 🙂

      Also was able to get another piece of content for a future post that I’ve been working on for the past few months, so it wasn’t a complete waste.