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Long Time

25th January 2017

It has been over a year since I’ve seen the local freight service to Arnprior.  I went out a couple of times over the year trying to catch a glimpse, but was unsuccessful on each and every single attempt.

At lunch I heard the whistle coming from the North, which was unusual since I usually only hear train whistles from the South (Via outside of Barrhaven).  I decided to make a small detour to investigate it.

I was able to see train at March Road and Carling Avenue at 12:45 on Wednesday afternoon with its consist of four cars heading west.

Attempting to take pictures of it was challenging since I had to use my mobile phone instead of my dSLR (you’ve got to use the tools you have with you).  I will say that mobile phone cameras can be quite decent (even when I cropped it like crazy on the image above).  It did help that I took the picture in RAW on the phone which made post processing easier due to exposure miscalculations by the phone.

…Running Extra…

OC Transpo is selling their original Bombardier train sets.  I was thinking that the Moose Consortium should have considered buying them if they were interested in getting their project going.



  • Michael Hammond
    Posted at 2:28 pm 2017-02-04
    Michael Hammond
    Reply Author

    Congrats on catching this one! Good to see it at March Road.

    • DaveM
      Posted at 3:30 pm 2017-02-04
      Reply Author

      I tried the following week on Wednesday around the same time, and was unable to find it. On Thursday I passed over the crossing at Corkstown, and I think it ran that day instead. Weird that they appear to be juggling the days that they are running.