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Personal vs. Internet Favorites

30th December 2017

It can be interesting sometimes to compare what the general public likes of my photographs compared to what I personally like.

The following are my top three images (ranked by the internets) over the past year.

Internet #3 – Crossing Walkley Diamond
This image was very much a surprise to see that it made the list of most popular.  I do like that there is a green signal that you can see over the diamond when occupied and the alignment of the wheels on the track.  That said, I would have never selected this image because of the amount of clutter in this image, floating (unconnected) track at the bottom right, and a telephone post covering some of the train.


Internet #2 – Snowy VIA night
This was a hard shot to get because of the darkness and high speed of the train, but still a decent image.  The reason that this image didn’t make the cut was the amount of noise in the image.


Internet #1 – CP shunting at Ottawa station
For this image, I will agree that this makes my top three of the year as well.


For me personally, here were my 4 favorite images of the past year.  I tried to limit it to 3, but was unable to.


Personal #4 – Grey Toronto Day
The reason that this one made the list for me was the sheer amount of trains in a single picture contrasted with the city skyline.  This image will never be accepted into any of the photo selection sites because of the “grey skies”, “not following rule of 3”,and  “poor image sharpness”.  I would acknowledge that this image does have those problems, but I still think it is pretty decent for being taken from my mobile.


Personal #3 – CP shunting at Ottawa station
This image made my #3 spot because of the lack of clutter, sharpness, reasonable skies, good lighting, and not to mention a great looking consist.  It was just one of the images where everything just came together in front of you and all I had to do was click the shutter.  


Personal #2- Fallowfield Sunset
This image made my #2 spot because of the great skies, sharpness, and the subject being a F40.


Personal #1 – CP150 over CN
I’m fairly sure that this image wouldn’t make the top list from the internets because of the busyness of the background on it and the shadow on some of the cars near the rear.  It made it onto my list because it was a nice looking consist, CP running over CN tracks, and a sharp image.  This was an earned shot since I wasn’t sure which way it was going to leave the yard, so I had camp out here for hours in the hot sun hoping for the train to indeed take these tracks out of town.


…Running Extra…

This image gets an honorable mention since it is a F40, night shot, and stars on the lights, but it didn’t make the cut since it wasn’t super sharp.



  • Steve Boyko
    Posted at 10:57 am 2017-12-30
    Steve Boyko
    Reply Author

    Some great photos here, Dave!

    You never know what people like. In 2016 we went to Newfoundland and the most popular photos I posted on Instagram that year were static photos of snow plows. I was amazed that people “liked” those photos so much.

    Your CP150 photos are outstanding. I like the Toronto/GO photo, even though in general I don’t like selective colourization… here it works very well.

    • DaveM
      Posted at 11:23 am 2017-12-30
      Reply Author

      Funny on the static snow plows, you are correct that the internet is strange. The top image of all time for me on flickr is a picture of a snowman I took while walking around the neighbourhood.

      Yes, the selective colourization isn’t something that I try to do often, but it works on this one. Leaving the image in colour wasn’t a possibility since the skies were to blah, which meant that blank and white was the only option. I put it into black and white and found that the trains got lost in the busy image, so selective colouring seemed to work here.