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Protected Pedestrian Crossings in Ottawa (Part 1)

30th March 2017

Most level protected crossings are for cars.  But if you look closely in Ottawa, you will find some crossing out there just for us pedestrians and cyclists.  I will say that photographing these crossings with trains in them is quite challenging because of trying to get the angle correct to get a decent view of the train while still keeping the crossing visible in the shot.

The following is a recap of these crossings in Ottawa.

Pleasant Park

In Pleasant Park, there is a path, used mostly be pedestrians, which connects the neighbourhood to the hospital.  This crossing is located at mile 2 on the VIA Beachburg sub.

Ellwood Junction

On the VIA Beachburg sub at Mile 3.5 we have this crossing utilized mostly by cyclists on the Brookfield pathway that is followed by an underpass for the O-Train.

Woodroffe Ave

On the VIA Fallowfield sub at mile 3, there is a protected crossing used mostly by cyclists on the east side of the road.  I found it a bit surprising that this crossing didn’t have any swing gates and chose to use a maze barriers instead given its proximity to the location where the bus and train collided in 2013.  My assumption of why they chose to go maze barriers instead was that this is a lower risk crossing due to the slow speed trains are travelling through it since they all stop at Fallowfield station just a few hundred meters away.

Fallowfield Road

Just west of the station there is a cross on the VIA Smiths Falls sub at mile 3.  I find it interesting that they also have a typical pedestrian walk signal as well (seems a bit overkill with the swing gate and the lights).

Jockvale Road

Yet another crossing in Barhaven, this one on the VIA Smiths Falls sub at mile 5.73.

Corkstown Road

This crossing on the CN Beachburg sub at mile 13.59 (according to the control box, unsure how accurate that milage is there) which used to be a private crossing for a house located just south west of the crossing before being demolishes a quite while ago.  Currently it protects a well used NCC recreational pathway.

More Information

For more information on crossing regulations, there is a nice short paper from Transport Canada on this topic.

…Running Extra…

Found this interesting crossing on the outside of Ottawa on the VIA Alexandria sub.  The interesting part of this crossing was that it had a light person when it was safe to cross and not when it wasn’t.

Anyone know if these type of signals are used outside of this sub?


  • Steve Boyko
    Posted at 12:20 am 2017-03-31
    Steve Boyko
    Reply Author

    Nice reference! We have some of those pedestrian crossings here in Winnipeg, although they are fairly rare in comparison to the number of vehicle crossings.