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Removing or Upgrading?

21st May 2017

Recently at the Walkley Yard, I noticed that they orphaned a couple of sections of track recently as well as re-ballasted a section of the track to the O-Train shed.

It was the west side near the diamond that looked a bit worrying.  They’ve ripped up the tracks connecting the Walkley to Prescott (South).  The track has been fully disconnected from the yard, rails pulled and piled up, with a chunk of ties removed.  

Do we think this is replacing with new rails or is this a permanent removal?  I have seen this section of track in use only once, which was in early April (as shown below on the left).  My best guess is that this was CN 589 returning from dropping off at the government facility near the airport.  The South connector isn’t used by the O-Train because it uses the North connection as shown on the right.

…Running Extra…

Sunday mornings in April were one of the few times I’ve seen multiple movements at the Walkley Yard at once.  They had timed CN 589 to leave for the Smiths Falls sub to head out to Twin Elm after VIA 643.  That nicely to coincide with the departure of the O-Trains from the yard at the same time.  I think that they’ve modified the schedule CN 589 so this is no longer happening.


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