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Saturday Morning 589

29th October 2017

I started heading out to the yard on some random Saturday mornings in hopes that I would be able to catch the service on the Prescott Spur up to the NRC facilities at the airport.  (This is one of the few remaining items on my Ottawa rail-fanning bucket list, with the other big one being service on L’Original Sub.)

In my attempts to catch it, I noticed life in the Walkley yard, with a train being assembled for a run out to Coteau.  The consist leaving the yard looks to be empties (Eg. from Kott and Twin Elm).

Knowing that there would typically be a departure on Saturday mornings, it allowed me to setup one of the shots that I’ve been trying to get for sometime.  There is an arch around Russell road, which I have no idea what it is for, that I’ve always thought would make a good frame of a shot.  That allowed me to setup the shot as shown below.

Last time I saw it, it stopped in Maxville to pickup some cars as well.

The tracks are in good shape, so it moves along a quite a quick speed, so getting multiple photos of it on a run is a bit more challenging.  Thankfully VIA owns the tracks, and at any meet it will be told to sit and wait.  So, if you listen to the scanner you will know if you’ve got another chance to get it.

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a bit freight rail fanning in Ottawa on the weekend, take a look around 8:30 and 10:00am on Saturday mornings.

Note – I fully expect that this post will become out of date quickly since they are likely to change the dates and times of the runs.


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